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The Second (2013)
Nonentity (2010)
Pele's Tears EP (2010)
Groove Road EP (2009)
Deltitnu EP (2009)

Aydio is Adam Harper, a London-based musician, producer, DJ and visual artist. His music consists mainly of downtempo electronica, with hip-hop, dub, rock and jazz influences along with a variety of other forms of music. Since 2009 he has released 3 EPs on netlabels Dusted Wax Kingdom and KraaK Records, and in 2010, he released his debut full-length release, ‘Nonentity’.
His new LP, 'The Second', released in 2013, continues along the same lines, combining bass-rich melodies with dreamy guitars to create compelling, original instrumentals with a vintage feel.

Borneo Function (2011 - Adam Harper)
The Forgotten (2011 - Simon Sorin)
Zinc (2009 - Adam Harper)
contact [at] aydio [dot] net